When you tuck real estate into your investment portfolio, it will reward you with steadier and better returns than if you limit yourself to stocks and bonds. The challenge right now, after the booming market, is building some real estate into your portfolio without doing it at the wrong time.

Here are some general tips:

  • A second home is different from an investment. If you buy a second home to enjoy with family and friends, it might make you money over the long term, but it’s not very diversified or liquid.
  • Both the single-family market and commercial property are both valuable investment choices in Cebu. And it’s never too late to buy real estate. While it looks expensive, rents and property values in Cebu have risen steadily, keeping their valuations well within reason.
  • Remember, real estate runs in cycles.So hang in there for the long-term recurring income and for the increased appreciation in the property value.